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Welcome! I’m Lindy. I am an energy healing professional, licensed psychotherapist, writer, and founder of I AM A ROCKSTAR.


A Mind – Body – Soul Approach to Healing


Trauma Clearing

Rapid Resolution Therapy is a strengths based approach to healing trauma that works specifically with the subconscious mind.


Energy Healing

Healing Touch is an energy approach that involves using gentle touch to soothe and heal our energy systems and energetic body.


Guided Imagery Healing

Through guided imagery and self hypnosis we create space for awareness and connection to your inner wisdom.

What people are saying about Lindy

The healing journey is a deep, profound journey inward. As a healing professional, my job is to nurture and guide you in aligning mind body and soul. Through working together you will have the opportunity to create space for healing and connection within you.

I believe that your life experiences have created an immense amount of wisdom. Sometimes stuck thoughts or outdated beliefs from our childhood create a barrier for us to access this wisdom.

Together we will teach your mind how to move on from past life events and transform pain into wisdom.

As a fully qualified professional, I hold a Masters Degree in Social Work and am a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with an emphasis in Rapid Resolution Therapy.

  • healing & transformation
  • get unstuck & get empowered
  • mind updated and clear
  • align mind, body, and soul
  • heal trauma from childhood
  • nurture your inner wisdom

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