Are You Ready to Get Unstuck?

Healing is a partnership that supports you in connecting with your inner wisdompeace and clarity.  It inspires transformation that creates and sustains fulfilling shifts in your personal and professional life.

By being here, you have already made that first step through having that awareness that you would like your life to be different.  That takes courage and wisdom!

Magic happens when we both dive in, fully committed, ready to make change and transformation happen.  That’s why I love what I do!

Sessions with me meet you where you are at.  They are organic and are tailored to meet your needs for your healing.

They can include a blend of techniques including counseling techniques, trauma resolution therapy, clinical hypnosis (guided imagery, meditations, inner child work, past life regression), mindfulness, and energy work.

My philosophy is that all healing is self healing and my job is to facilitate and help you create space within so that you can heal, embrace life, and be your best self.

Empower. Heal. Inspire

You have already made that first step through having that awareness that you would like your life to be different.  It takes courage and wisdom to have the motivation for wanting to think, feel or behave in a new and healthy way. So you are already on your way towards healing!

I believe that your life experiences has created an immense amount of wisdom. Sometimes stuck thoughts or outdated beliefs from our childhood create a barrier for us to access this wisdom.

Together we will teach your mind how to move on from past life events and transform pain into wisdom.

Let’s Get Started!

I start where you are, and wherever that is, that’s ok with me!  I offer a variety of ways to connect and transform your life, online learning by reading articles and taking my e-courses (coming soon!), as well as in person workshops, meditations, retreats and individual sessions!

Magic happens when we both dive in, fully committed, ready to make change and transformation happen.  That’s why I love what I do!  I offer individual one on one sessions so together, we can create change in  your life.  Sessions are available nationwide as online E-coaching sessions or in my office in Portland, Oregon!

Are We A Good Fit?!

  • You are committed to your healing and growth.
  • You want to move forward while also gaining insight and into the deeper working of your life.
  • You are open and curious about alternative healing practices such as meditation, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, and energy work.
  • You understand that I do not wave a magic wand or provide instant, off the shelf, quick fixes.  You understand that transformation takes patience. You have a realistic expectation of healing and growth and the courage, determination, and patience it takes to create change in your life.
  • You are ready to let go of painful patterns that no longer serve you.

  • You are willing to invest in your own growth and learning so that you can be of better and higher service to yourself, those you love, and the world around you.
“With Lindy’s gentle guidance, I have realized that those memories that had so much power over my life- can’t hurt me, don’t control me, and can’t stop me from moving on with my life. Those bad memories have faded, and a more confident me has formed.  People see a change in me and I feel a change in myself.  She helped me move forward to a happier and brighter me. I just want to thank Lindy for all she has done for me.”
Sexual Abuse Survivor & Massage Therapist in Portland, OR
“Throughout my journey of recovery, Lindy was one of the only people I have felt truly understood me. I had always felt that I couldn’t explain the crazy tape that was playing in my head until I met her. My favorite quality of Lindy is that I could tell that she genuinely cares about my well-being. She got in between me and my bad thoughts, pointed me the direction of reality and enabled me to start seeing the bigger picture. Lindy’s guidance was a crucial part in helping me become a person who doesn’t live their life in fear anymore. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”
Recovering Alcoholic in Michigan
“Lindy is a truly special human being. Her intuition and expertise allows her to adapt to any situation, and she radiates a unique energy that creates a beautiful atmosphere for profound healing. I am forever thankful to her. She has helped me move past my childhood sexual trauma, reclaim my confidence, and has given me the tools and courage to pursue my dreams.”
Sexual Abuse Survivor & Opera Singer in Los Angeles
“One of the things that I loved most about my work with Lindy was the inner child work we did together, it gave me a better understanding of who I am and gave myself a better understanding of what I’ve survived in my life. It gave me a greater awareness of my own ability to shift my perceptions around men and helped me to recognize that I don’t want those types of men in my life anymore. I now know that I am worthy of more in my life and relationships. The last few months with you was more transformational than the work that I’ve done with any other therapist- ever. And while life isn’t perfect, I know that i can sit through the raw feelings of uncomfortableness and pain and not use drugs and be okay. Thank you so much for everything.”
Recovering Heroin Addict in Texas
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