Get Outside & De-stress

When was the last time you went barefoot outside? Played in the mud?  Actually touched the soil, dirt, grass, sand, salt water… Think about it.  It’s probably been awhile, possibly years.

As adults we often walk outside with shoes, garden with gardening gloves, and lay a blanket down when we’re at the beach.

In our busy lives there’s often barely been enough time in our lives to go outside, let alone run around shoeless.   If this is you, you’re not alone.  According to this article, “Americans work more than anywhere else in the industrialized world.”

Not a surprise, we’re a stressed out nation.  I’m a big fan of self care, but what I love about earthing is that it’s a way that we can de-stress that’s always available to us no matter what our current finances are, it’s free.  We can all spend time walking barefoot, gardening, touching the earth, walking barefoot on the beach, or taking a deep in the salty sea.

I recently read the book ‘Earthing: The Most Important Discovery Ever’ and it helped me understand that we need the earth’s grounding energy to keep our stress levels down and our bodies balanced on a cellular level.  I think that we are hardwired to need the earth’s touch, we need that energy to feel grounded, peaceful, and clear.

In other words, our bodies are like electric cars- they need love, care, and to plug in and recharge.  An opportunity to rest and rejuvenate.  The earth is our body’s natural recharge button.

The Earth naturally creates its own energy that balances and soothes our bodies and cells.

The theory behind earthing is that our bodies and cells naturally produce an electrical energy which needs the earth’s grounding energy to balance us out.  In modern times, this electrical charge is basically amplified (turned way up) up by our constant contact with smart phones, laptops, TVs, and other electronic devices.  It can make our bodies go out of whack.

Here is a quick video that describes the Earthing concept:

8 Ways to Get Outside & De-Stress:

1. Take a break and go outside.  Find some green grass and sit for 10 minutes and give your feet a shoeless vacation!
2. Snowball fights.  Need I say more?
3. Walk on the beach.  Better yet, build a sandcastle.
4. Create an herb garden. 
5. Go on a Picnic.  Make sure that at least your bare feet are touching the bare earth.
6. Go for a hike, take a break, and ditch your shoes for a bit.
7. Go for a swim in the ocean, lake, or other natural source of water.
8. Dance in the rain! 🙂

 I’d love to hear how you find ways to connect to the earth, please share below!