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Feeling Stuck? Why you need to know about energy healing

It’s a foggy, misty, blue gray morning herein the Pacific northwest. I sit drinking tea and staring into the mist that appears outside my window as the sun seemingly rises. I am reminded of the [...]

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Forest Snow Meditation

What I love about snow falling is the sense of quiet that enters my being with each gentle snowflake.  When it snows here in Oregon, I stand outside and inhale the sense of peace and [...]

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Crow, Change, and Healing

Several months ago I was wandering back from writing in the woods and I heard a crow’s call overhead. As I continued through the city streets I continued to hear the same crow following me [...]

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Transform Your Self Talk through Mindfulness & Emotional Self Care

A beautiful outcome of mindfulness meditation is the opportunity to slow down and explore our relationship with our minds.  We meditate to understand the stories we tell ourselves about our lives and experiences. Oftentimes life [...]

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Shaping our Life’s Story

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if the challenging events in your life never happened to you? Would you be the person you are today?  Would you know your own resiliency [...]

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How Rapid Resolution Therapy Helps Heal Trauma

Have you ever heard of Rapid Resolution Therapy? Probably not. Honestly, before I serendipitously landed in a training, I had never heard of it either. Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) is a strengths based, dynamic, clinical [...]

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