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Redwood Forest Rain

Nestled warm in a cabin in the Northern California redwoods, a light forest rain begins to fall, surrendering my soul into its gentle movement, freshness, and grace.  And in this moment, redwood forest rain is [...]

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Interviewing with Confidence

Interviewing has been a popular topic in my life lately as I transition to life in Portland.  New city means looking for a new part time job while I establish myself and my practice. Which [...]

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Orion Meditation

I remember many nights in my childhood looking up at the sky, mesmerized by the beauty above me and always comforted to recognize Orion's constellation of stars, strong, bold and powerful protecting the sky.  I [...]

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Exploring Beauty

John O’donahue, the late Irish poet and philosopher, weaves beauty and spirituality in a way that is magnificent.  He shares: “The beauty that emerges from woundedness is a beauty infused with feeling, a beauty different [...]

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My Favorite TED Talks

It’s no secret, I love TED talks.  Anyone who has ever worked with, or known me for that matter, knows that I am constantly recommending a talk or two.  Today I share with you a [...]

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Look Up: Celebrating Clouds

Coffee in hand, cool California air, looking up, watching the sunrise, noticing the artful way the sky shifts and shapes each cloud... a special way to start my morning.  Watching the sky transform, I find [...]

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