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Happy to share with you an article that was featured in the Rapid Resolution Therapy’s June 2013 Newsletter and Clear Trauma Blog!  It was written for practitioners of Rapid Resolution Therapy but I think you might find it interesting!

You can find the original article HERE.

Why Checking The Baseline Is Key! Guest Article By RRT Certified Practitioner Lindy Ariff, MSW:

I didn’t fully understand how important baseline visual metaphors were until this past week. Last week at the Level 3 training I was watching a video where Dr. Connelly was “erasing” a baseline visual and then suddenly the light went on, and I got it! The baseline isn’t just for checking our work and I’m not just looking for any change; I’m looking for something major so I know I got it done.

This epiphany proved true twice this week. I had one client who has been struggling with a sugar addiction for as long as she can remember, and in 1 hour, through a variety of techniques, we went in and completely dissolved the design. I mean, just gone. When she checked back on the sugar cravings she said, “Wow, it’s like I don’t care at all, I’m completely indifferent, it’s like, WHATEVER!” And I knew with full confidence that we’d made a major shift happen.

Even more profound was a recent session where I had with a young, non-combat Veteran. He was filled with a tremendous amount of anxiety, guilt and shame due to his role in decisions made in the military. With a combination of clearing trauma, moralistic view wedging, anxiety education application (“Right now I have a sensation in my chest, right now!”), I had him feeling great with his baseline down to “nothing, it’s like a blank wall.”
Upon further discussion he admitted, that although he couldn’t put a finger on it, there was just a little bit of guilt left. So I put him through another induction, this time with a pinball dropping, dam breaking, water flowing process. After we were done, I asked him to bring up the guilt, and he said he couldn’t, no matter how hard he tried. So for a final time, I asked about his baseline. He was literally glowing and said, “It’s totally different now; It’s red, white and blue.”

Red, white, and blue!!! I am so excited about Rapid Resolution Therapy and the work we are all passionately doing to positively shape so many people’s lives! Keep up the good work everyone! 🙂

With Gratitude,