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Emotional Health Resources

Below is a long list of links and resources.  I am happy to provide these links to you but I am obviously not responsible for […]

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Healing Books

A list of inspiring books for you.  I love to read and am happy to share with you a few that I’ve loved, […]

The Ocean of Impermanence

Curious about the Buddhist idea of impermanence?

Ask the ocean.

For a moment, imagine sitting on a soft, white sandy beach […]

Hawk Meditation

What I love about the symbol Hawk is that he is a perfect balance of bold and powerful, yet peaceful and […]

Rethinking Lazy

Ever been called lazy? It doesn’t feel good.  According to Brene Brown, a professor and vulnerability expert, being called lazy is a huge […]

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Finding Your Motivation

March offers us the spring equinox, a freshness in the air, the smell of orange blossoms and fresh spring flowers- I love this […]

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