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Can Mindfulness Change My Life?

We are all familiar with the ache of wanting change to happen but not being quite sure how actually to make it come […]

Honoring My Journey

Sleep eludes me in these early morning hours, as my mind traces over the past two years, lessons learned, lives that I have […]

New Year’s Resolutions to Nourish the Soul

Happy 2016!

What I love about New Year’s Day is that it not only gives us an opportunity to sit and reflect […]


2015 Newsletters & Recap

I am proud to report that in 2015 I posted around 30 new Articles and 10 meditations.   The content focused on connection, healing, recovery, spirituality, […]


Staying Calm This Holiday Season

Can you believe it’s already the end of December?! First of all, Happy Holidays!! I wanted to take a special moment to share […]

Holidays, Meditation, Recovery|

Softening Within: A Meditation for Warmth & Joy

This morning I sit on a woodsy dining room chair, savoring a hot cup of tea and watching the golden hues of the […]