Play: Why You Need It

By | November 16th, 2015|Happiness, Recovery, Self Care, Spirituality|

Have you ever watched a child play? Mesmerized by their toys or imaginary world, they have a focused, creative, fully involved almost peaceful way they [...]

Deep Listening

By | November 4th, 2015|Connection, Recovery, Spirituality|

While I was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway on my way to work today, I was listening to an interview on my favorite Podcast [...]

Just Notice

By | October 12th, 2015|Mind, Mindfulness, Spirituality|

Have you ever struggled from overwhelming worry, thinking about something over and over and over again, like it was almost driving you crazy (or who [...]

Sunrise Meditation: Celebrating a Fresh New Day

By | August 18th, 2015|Meditation, Recovery, Spirituality|

I am truly inspired to share with you this meditation today.  Sunrise meditation was created for a client of mine who is in recovery from [...]

The Power of Healing Touch

By | July 13th, 2015|Healing, Recovery, Spirituality|

I am excited to share with you a powerful healing modality called Healing Touch (HT).  Healing Touch is a heart centered approach to support your [...]

River Meditation Featured in a Magazine!

By | July 9th, 2015|Meditation, Recovery, Spirituality|

Fortunate and excited to share with you an article and meditation of mine that was recently published in Recovery today magazine! :) River: A Powerful [...]

Healing Cloud Meditation

By | April 26th, 2015|Meditation, Spirituality|

Cloud is the perfect symbol of lightness, hope, and transformation. My clients often use this symbol in our work together. I am delighted to share [...]

Being Whimsical & Childlike with Clouds

By | April 10th, 2015|Meditation, Mindfulness, Spirituality|

Have you ever looked up and been awestruck, overcome by the beauty of white, puffy or whimsical clouds in the sky? I was recently in [...]

What’s Your Apology Language?

By | March 27th, 2015|Recovery, Spirituality|

Have you ever thought of apologizing as a spiritual practice? I do. Apologizing is an innately spiritual practice it frees you and lifts a weight [...]

Owl Meditation

By | February 28th, 2015|Meditation, Spirituality|

What I absolutely love about this meditation is that it really bring us to a space of awareness surrounding grace, humility, wisdom and beauty. The [...]