Change Your Life with Small Wins

A friend of mine recently told me that he starts every work day by doing the dishes from the previous day.

At first I was like, ugh that sounds like an awful way to start your day… But then he told me that he does the dishes so he feels accomplished at the START of his day.  He said “it’s all about small wins.”

And that got me thinking- Was he literally training his mind for success by doing the dishes?  Is it possible that through the simple act of washing dishes he was starting his day on a more successful track?

A Small Win is accomplishing a manageable, doable, doesn’t take up a lot of time task. Like organizing your desk.  Or doing the dishes.  Or sending that thank you note that you’ve been meaning to send for months. A task that when completed gives you that feeling of accomplishment, makes you feel good, and sets up the stage for success in your next endeavor.

By completing each Small Win you are literally training your subconscious mind for success by creating a success brain pattern: see task as doable, do task, get it done, feel good. Do it again.

This means that we can use this phrase and action as a tool to get unstuck and move forward.

As a hypnotherapist, my strength is words that speak the language of the subconscious mind. The phrase ‘Small Wins’ creates a picture in the mind that the subconscious understands.

Check it out for yourself.  Think the word Small and see what picture comes up in your mind.  Then think the word wins and see what picture happens next.

So next time that you find yourself having one of those stuck days, remind yourself: ‘Small Wins.’  And then find some small tasks and just start tackling them. One by one by one.  Start and finish each task with this same mantra: ‘Small Wins’

Be patient and gentle with yourself as you move towards your goals, one step at a time!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this and how it works for you! Please send me an email or comment below 🙂