Healing Waters: Cleansing the Energetic Body

Feeling stressed out? You’re not alone, simply being human means that we often find ourselves in a stressful environment.  One that is filled with an overwhelming amount of high emotions, different people and situations, not to mention electronics and pollution.  Look around, it’s no wonder why we feel so out of whack!

So how do we remain balanced in an often stressful, chaotic, and emotionally charged world? When we feel sluggish, emotionally exhausted, stuck, and/or overwhelmed, those are signs that we need to practice some emotional self care.  One way of doing this is taking an energy bath.

An energy bath can be considered a few minutes of soaking in sunshine, a swim in the ocean or another natural form of water, or a mineral soak in the bathtub.

While I’m not historically a sun-bunny, this past weekend I was visiting family in Arizona after a long, cold, rainy winter and it felt extraordinary to sit in the sun and allow the sunlight to nourish and cleanse my energy body.  I felt lighter, clearer, and restored after my sunlight bath.

While working in California, I witnessed a similar effect with many of my clients who took daily swims in the Pacific Ocean.  Most likely due to the salt content and the life it sustains within it, the ocean’s waters have healing properties.  When we swim, surf, and play in the ocean, we often feel rejuvenated and renewed when we exit her waters.  

This reminds me of a session I had several years ago with a client who was struggling to get out of bed, and reported feeling overwhelmed, moody, and upset.  Our session was coming to a close when we started discussing the energy body and the effect of congested energy on emotional well being.  I checked his chakras, which we found were very congested.  We discussed starting the next session with bio- energetic healing to offer more balance and flow in his life.  Two weeks later he walked into my session looking cheerful and radiant.  I checked his chakra points and saw that everything was perfectly balanced and flowing.  I asked him what he had been doing differently in his life these past two weeks and he shared with me that he has been taking long, daily ocean swims. 

Not all of us live near the ocean, of course.  And even if we do, sometimes the water is just too cold, which is why I didn’t swim in the ocean the whole 5 years I lived in California.  So for those of us that enjoy warm water and don’t live in the warm, turquoise blue Caribbean waters, there’s another option- your bathtub!

That’s right, taking a bath.  Universally, we recognize that a bath is good for the soul, especially when accompanied by candlelight and relaxing music.  A bath is an important part of a self care routine, one that’s often glossed over, saved for special occasions, or seen as self indulgent.  A mineral, healing bath can be essential for our emotional well-being.  At least, it is for mine.

One of my happy places is hot springs, warm water, a luxurious bath…if it’s warm and there’s water my heart sings.  A long mineral bath is my go for indulging in self care, especially if I’m feeling low in energy, or exhausted from a long day of work.  Spending even a few minutes in healing water seems to boost my spirits, and reset my mind and body.

I invite you to light a candle, draw a bath, and give yourself an opportunity to balance and renew.

Restorative Bath Recipe:

1 cup epson salts

1 cup sea salt

1 cup magnesium flakes

1 cup baking soda

1 tablespoon glycerin (keeps skin hydrated)

10 drops Lavender Oil or other essential oil

a candle & comforting tunes

You know your body best, so find a recipe that works best for you. I don’t always use the above mixture because life happens and either I’m out of something or it’s too much work to mix up the above bath.  So I just warm the water and throw some epsom salts with a few drops of essential oil, light a candle, and put on my relaxation music.

Happy Soaking,


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3 responses to “Healing Waters: Cleansing the Energetic Body”

  1. Lindy!!!!!!! I love this. You know why 🙂 I am beyond grateful for your role in my recovery. The swims are still very frequent and continue to soothe my soul. In fact the ocean’s effect on me has become greater over time. I fall more and more in love with it. It is a critical component of my sanity and my recovery. You’re amazing. Go now and provide others with your profound healing powers.