Happy Valentine’s Day! This beautiful meditation can be experienced with or without a partner.  The beauty of this meditation is that we fill ourselves up with the energy of love and then send this beautiful energy, your gift, to the world around you!

Meditation for Love & Connection:

So let’s take a deep breath in and exhale, and then one more deep breath in and this time as we exhale, mind already beginning to turn our awareness inward. And as we reenter this space, notice how it’s a little bit easier, a little bit more familiar to arrive. Perhaps we notice the flow of the in-breath and the release of the exhale. Perhaps we hear noises throughout the room serving as gentle reminders to bring us back to the sacred space. As we begin to arrive, again moving into the deep, belly-breathing where we inhale and belly rises and expands, and exhale awareness, melting back in and down. Inhale, belly rises and expands. Exhale, melting in and down. As we continue with a few more cycles of this breath, letting our body and letting our systems know that we’re okay and we’re here in this present moment. And that there’s nothing that needs to be done right now, but simply arrive.

And then once again tuning in to the energy and softness flowing from top of head, all the way down, radiating through entire body. And as you bring awareness to the face, muscles soften, jaw, aware of weight of time. Throat open as energy expands, moves and flows into the center of our bodies. Palms tingle, perhaps warm as everything softens allowing space for movement, healing transformation. Connection to joy within. And now as we create this space, begin to connect with joy. Feel its texture, sensations, the  lightness, the breeze, perhaps the color.

And as you become more familiar with this space allow a person or an animal,  a friend or family member to come to mind and then imagine the special bond of joy that you share. Perhaps imagining a special moment or just noticing what comes up from within as you think of this moment.

And as we connect in that space allowing that joy, light and profound connection, to move through entire body allowing it to fill and move. It’s expanding from the fingertips and the toes even. As you notice that when you think of this moment, how natural it is to connect to this joy, imagine that joy is not only filling you but also radiating energy from your heart center. Sending it out into this entire room, that joyful light, deep connection, infinite and abundant.

And as that energy expands out from this room, imagine that glow and energy moving through this entire building, flowing endlessly. And then notice as it expands through this space, beginning to fill through Malibu, California, and the world. Maybe even sending it out to the entire universe. And notice how when you make this connection, the energy from within simply flows.

And then slowly returning to this physical world. Perhaps becoming more aware of the sounds in this room, as we begin to awaken refreshed, renewed, to where we can take a deep breath in and when we’re ready, coming back to where eyes can open and you’re back here.

♥ ♥ ♥

Live Group Meditation for Increasing Love & Connection:

Love and Connection Meditation © 2015 Lindy Ariff