Hi, I hope you are having a beautiful day! I wrote and recorded this meditation a few years ago when I first launched my website.   Today I realized that when I restructured everything on my site it had magically disappeared.  Which means I now have a new opportunity to share this special meditation for a clear and peaceful mind with you.

This meditation was created around the acknowledgement that we all live busy, stressful lives.  Oftentimes, just trying to fit everything in can be overwhelming.  This meditation gives us an opportunity to let go and create more space, renewed energy, and more connection to who you truly are.

Take a moment to put your phone on silent, dim the lights, maybe light a candle, find a comfortable seated position, and press play.

Meditation for a Clear & Peaceful Mind

Let’s start by taking a deep breath in, and as you exhale letting it all go.

And then one more deep breath in, and this time as you exhale, eyes close.

And find yourself looking at a beautiful, magnificent over lit, over ornamented Christmas tree. Maybe your Christmas tree is in Times Square, or your living room, anywhere, just find it. See your tree, taking in all the details surrounding tree.  The smell of pine, perhaps there’s a chill in the air, a gentle, frosty, breeze on your cheek, or maybe your tree is in a warm room, with the smell of pine filling you up.  Breathing it all in.  And as you see tree, start to notice her details, different shades of green, her needles glistening in the light, decorated with dozens and dozens of ornaments, colors draping her branches.  Taking it all in.

Now even though we know that a Christmas tree brings light, brightness, hope and happiness to those around her, we wonder how she would feel if we lightened her branches.

So one by one you remove each ornament from each branch. And as each ornament effortlessly falls down, you find it even easier, to go even deeper, to remove each and every ornament until like magic, everything vanishes.  And you are left looking at a beautiful, natural, pristine, tree, Who is standing tall and strong.

And now as you take in all of her magnificence and grace, imagine what it would be like to be tree.

And as that transformation takes place, find yourself in a forest, in nature, tree standing tall and proud, fresh, and renewed. Tree in forest becoming energized and renewed by everything around her. Strong, steady core, roots grounded in the earth. Connected to all that life energy moving through every part of your body.

From your forehead, all the way down, shoulders heavy, arms heavy, perhaps palms tingle as that warm energy moves all the way down through your center, legs warm, ankles heavy, and as all that energy vibrates down and in, even further in, where at your center, at the very wisest part of you, you are tree: strong, clear, light, peace, focus, energized, and renewed.  Absolutely perfect.  Radiating your light.

Now take a moment to enjoy tree, enjoy your center.

Now I’m going to count from 1 up to 5.

One, aware that tree is a part of you, your center, your very being. The wisest part of you.

Two, Strong, clear, graceful, energized and renewed.

Three, curious of what will be different with how connection with tree will play out in your life.

Four, more alert and energized and aware.

And all the way up to five where eyes open and you’re back here with me.

© Lindy Ariff 2015