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Forest Snow Meditation

What I love about snow falling is the sense of quiet that enters my being with each gentle snowflake.  When it snows here in Oregon, I stand outside and inhale the sense of peace and [...]

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High Mountain Lake

If you have ever had the opportunity to visit a high mountain lake, you already know that it is a very special place.  These lakes are nestled high in the mountains, surrounded by rocks, trees, blue skies, [...]

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Belly Breathing

When was the last time you took a full, deep breath? Or even noticed your breath at all? I often go days without noticing mine. Of course this is normal. Breathing is an innate part [...]

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Celebrating Tulips

On occasion I have the opportunity to visit one of the many incredible places and spaces a client has described during a meditation.  It is surreal to visit a place that I have connected so [...]

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Meditations to Soothe the Soul

Whether you are new to the site or just looking around I thought it would be lovely to put a few links to my meditations found scattered throughout the blog.  Each meditation was written in [...]

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Hawk Meditation

What I love about the symbol Hawk is that he is a perfect balance of bold and powerful, yet peaceful and flowing free.  Hawk can see everything crystal clear from above- Hawk has a keen [...]

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