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Meditation for a Clear & Peaceful Mind

Hi, I hope you are having a beautiful day! I wrote and recorded this meditation a few years ago when I first launched my website.   Today I realized that when I restructured everything on my [...]

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River Meditation Featured in a Magazine!

Fortunate and excited to share with you an article and meditation of mine that was recently published in Recovery today magazine! 🙂 River: A Powerful Meditation for Healing from Addiction Meditation is a powerful tool [...]

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Healing Cloud Meditation

Cloud is the perfect symbol of lightness, hope, and transformation. My clients often use this symbol in our work together. I am delighted to share a below a beautiful Cloud Healing Meditation I recently created [...]

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Being Whimsical & Childlike with Clouds

Have you ever looked up and been awestruck, overcome by the beauty of white, puffy or whimsical clouds in the sky? I was recently in Arizona, and I looked up overhead and was awestruck by [...]

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Featured in Recovery Today Magazine

Very blessed and excited to share that my Tree Meditation was recently featured in the March issue of Recovery Today Magazine! Check it out!!! It's a free online magazine.  You can sign up for it [...]

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Owl Meditation

What I absolutely love about this meditation is that it really bring us to a space of awareness surrounding grace, humility, wisdom and beauty. The space that this meditation was created in was very powerful [...]

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