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Love & Connection Meditation

Happy Valentine's Day! This beautiful meditation can be experienced with or without a partner.  The beauty of this meditation is that we fill ourselves up with the energy of love and then send this beautiful [...]

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Today I offer an exercise to help you cultivate joy into the new year.  First, find a quiet space to sit and reflect.  Before you even begin answering these questions, spend a few minutes with [...]

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Meditation for Joyful & Profound Connection

When we study yoga, we learn that the physical form (asana) of yoga is only one branch of yogic tradition.  Yoga offers us many other ways to connect with the spiritual world. To practice yoga [...]

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Hamsa Mantra Meditation

A mantra is the embodiment of a vibrational sound of the universe.  Mantra meditation is great if you are an auditory mediator, if you can best focus yourself by listening to music or focusing on [...]

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Tree Meditation for Inner Peace

Today in my Inner Peace in Recovery Group we talked about the symbol Tree. Tree is the perfect symbol for deeply rooted connection and spiritual expansiveness. Tree is: grounded, connected, growing, unique, capable of finding [...]

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Connecting to the Night Sky

Yesterday in my Inner Peace in Recovery  group that I offer weekly at the treatment center, we talked about our connection with the night.   In this group of highly sensitive souls,  it’s no surprise that [...]

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