What I absolutely love about this meditation is that it really bring us to a space of awareness surrounding grace, humility, wisdom and beauty.

The space that this meditation was created in was very powerful to me and shared with a really beautiful soul. I feel blessed to share this with you today.

As with every meditation finding a comfortable space and time to dedicate to yourself and your own healing is very important.  Perhaps it’s on the yoga mat, before bed, or during a time set aside for meditation and contemplation

Find yourself a comfortable seat, light a candle, take a few deep breaths, and begin melting into your space as you listen to this meditation.

Owl Meditation:

Let’s take a deep breath in. And exhale. And another inhale. And this time as you exhale, beginning to notice owl. Noticing owl in her tree, strong feathers, feminine, graceful body. Taking a moment to just admire owl. As mind begins to expand perhaps noticing the space around the owl, the space that she commands, and fits so perfectly in.
Noticing as owl stretches out her wings – magnificent. And as you notice owl, noticing warm light, golden, illuminating that space. Warming body like the sun.

And as owl gracefully, in this golden light, moves focused, clear, perfectly natural, notice as your body breathes in that essence. Energy moving in through top of head as you watch bird. Energy moving all the way down. Trickling. Vibrating. Expanding. Forehead. Energy. Warmth. Aware of corner of eyes. Moving down nose, even the tip of your nose.

As that energy melts, smooths, clears, traveling down. Jaw. Aware of tongue. Throat. Slowly. Also flowing, like a golden river. As your mind focuses on my voice, everything turning inward, shimmering, vibrating, healing. Everything melting down, in. As we notice shoulders, heart expands as that golden energy moves through arms. Palms tingle, center expands as that energy moves in and down, healing hips, thighs. River flowing all the way down. Weight of shins, ankles, aware of each and every toe. Awareness in your center. Light. Clear. Peace. Your essence.

Owl. Grace. Confidence. Be your owl who knows her way. Healing. Strength. Clarity. And as you become even more aware, light. Noticing energy vibrating through your very being. Radiating. Clearing, calming peace. Flowing, golden river. Seeing owl as she moves graceful, strong, peaceful, focused, perfectly balanced in the air. Aware of her own strength and wisdom of her journey. Because that’s who owl is, and that’s who you are.

And notice that all you have to do is think owl, and that golden, peaceful energy. Heart center radiating and vibrating. Calm. Clear. Cool. Those moments an ancestral journey, perfectly balanced, fully connected.

And now holding that space, knowing that you can return to it in an instant. Owl. Ancestral journey. Golden, healing light. Coming up. One, and up. Refreshed. Clear. Renewed. And when you’re ready, and only when you’re ready, like a flower slowly opening, coming back here in this space.

Owl Meditation © 2015 Lindy Ariff