Rapid Resolution Therapy

Wondering…What is Rapid Resolution Therapy?!

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) is a strengths based, dynamic, clinical hypnotherapy approach that works specifically with the subconscious mind.   It is within this inner mind space that RRT techniques begin to create subtle perception changes and healing can take affect.

RRT utilizes the unique set of wisdom that each person has learned from their prior experiences throughout their life’s journey to create an individualized hypnotic experience for each client.  We use meditations, guided imagery, and specific languaging to access and begin healing the subconscious mind.

Jon Connelly & I at an RRT Training
(Jon Connelly & I at an RRT Training)

RRT was specifically developed by Dr. Jon Connelly as a model for healing painful emotions and past trauma.  RRT is rooted in the belief that our subconscious mind holds onto experiences that have been painful and disturbing as a way to try to protect our current selves.  As the subconscious becomes aware that the event is over and no longer needs to spend time focusing energy on protecting ourselves, more space is created for living a life with an increase in clarity and peace.

A helpful metaphor in understanding this process is to imagine the brain as a computer.  If your computer was running slow, one of the first actions you would take is to begin to close down old programs no longer in use so that it can run more smoother and more efficiently.  The increase in computer space and energy can be used to facilitate increased opportunity for healing.

This energy movement is particularly helpful when dealing with stuckness. Perhaps you’ve been working on yourself for years but still can’t seem to increase your sense of joy or happiness.  Or perhaps you’ve spent years working on healing from a trauma and you’re ready to do a different type of work around healing.  RRT often acts as an ancillary service for this purpose, as the inner capacity and energy increases, you are able to continue to make progress with your traditional psychotherapist or coach.

I  have been very blessed to have received extensive training and supervision in Rapid Resolution Therapy.  I was personally mentored by Dr. Connelly PhD and later by his apprentice, Molly Sanford, LCSW.

I also wanted to share with you a TED talk where a woman shares her experience with Dr. Connelly & Rapid Resolution Therapy:

An ideal RRT participant is someone who has awareness, motivation, and willingness to change.  If you are in recovery it is helpful that you have a knowledge of several coping tools as an alternative to drug use and/or an awareness of trauma or underlying triggers that causes client to feel an intense emotions.  Ideally, you have a spiritual openness and connection with a higher power.