The Silver Space

We are all familiar with the space of uncertainty, where nothing is quite decided, it’s neither black nor white- it’s gray.  This space is often uncomfortable and confusing.

Our natural inclination is to make it stop as quickly as possible, make everything solid, fit in a box, make sense again.

But what if we are supposed to truly live in this gray dynamic space?  What if this space is where true discovery happens?  Where an energy is created that fuels transformation.

When everything is going great in life, we have a natural tendency to be less introspective.  We tend to turn our attention outwards and experience the world in this light manner.  Which feels great, we never want it to end.

But the way the energy of the world works, the impermanence cycle, is that we can’t stay in that space forever, we must move back into a gray area of uncertainty in order to grow and learn and transform.

And on the other end of the spectrum, when we are in that dark space, we grasp onto anything that will make our lives better, filled with a sense of panic that perhaps the pain will never end.

In this desperate need to get back into the “everything is perfect” space we tend to slingshot ourselves back there.  Fumbling and confused, we suddenly find ourselves back in that light space again.

And then the whole cycle repeats, again.  And we are surprised to find ourselves on the other end of the spectrum, again.  And again and again.

What if this cycle doesn’t need to happen?

What if we became more comfortable in the middle of the black and white dichotomies.  In the uncertain space.  The space that’s filled with room for self exploration, the everything’s not perfect, I’m not really sure what’s going on space.

The space of profound vulnerability.
It’s in this middle place, where true growth happens.  It’s where we look within and begin to truly examine our lives.  We ask tough questions, does this make me happy?  Do I even know what happiness is?  When I do this differently, how do I feel?  Who am I? What is my truth?  Am I living in a way that aligns with this truth?

The beauty happens when we surrender to that space, and it begins to shimmer with droplets of hope and wisdom.  And it transforms from a muddled gray to a brilliant, sparkling silver.

And in that moment we are filled with a sense of awe, inspiration, and peace.  Not because we know all of the answers, but because we’ve found our courage and bravery to look within and discover both our inner selves and the world around us.


4 responses to “The Silver Space”

  1. “because we’ve found our courage and bravery to look within and discover both our inner selves and the world around us.” LOVE this!!!! I totally needed to read this today. THANK YOU!

  2. I was just having this conversation with a patient today! She’s a dancer, so we compared it to the place between the 5th and 6th pirouette; the place between certainty and uncertainty. I think everyone feels this way more than most acknowledge. Always putting into words the beauty in the struggle. Great post Lindy!

  3. Makes me think of living in Limbo… it’s always felt yucky, but the most beautiful happenings have come from it. I’ve never regretted having those experiences because they make you appreciate what comes next even more.