Tree Meditation for Inner Peace

Today in my Inner Peace in Recovery Group we talked about the symbol Tree.

Tree is the perfect symbol for deeply rooted connection and spiritual expansiveness.

Tree is: grounded, connected, growing, unique, capable of finding nourishment from both the ground and the sky, provides shelter for life, withstands wind and forces of nature, leaves dance in the wind, wisdom of age, great spiritual connection, solid trunk, resilient, powerful, ancient, deeply rooted to the earth, expanding and connecting with a higher power.

Together we let our eyes rest closed and noticed what tree forms in our minds.  For many it was a favorite tree from their childhood.  For some, they noticed a majestic pine tree surrounded by a forest, sounds of the wind flowing through the trees, and others it was strong sturdy redwoods, or that favorite tree you used to climb when you were young and filled with adventure.

When you think of tree, what tree comes to your mind? What does tree represent to you?

Tree Meditation for Inner Peace:

Let’s all take our deep breath in. And exhale. And then one more deep breath in. And this time as you exhale already beginning to see tree. Noticing tree, texture, the bark, vibrance of the leaves. We’re noticing the sunlight, lighting up in space. Trunk – resilient, surviving, sturdy, and powerful. I’m noticing tree and all that surrounds tree. Strong, but also deeply connected. Rooted into the earth, reaching up towards the heavens. As you notice Tree, noticing her many branches interconnected.

Perhaps noticing tree. Wind gently rustling the leaves. Tree standing tall, strong, sturdy. Knowing the strength that resides within.

Tree. Wisdom of having seen many things. Perhaps ancient.

Becoming aware of roots. Knowing exactly how to seek out nourishment, strength, winding its way through the earth. Trunk solid, always continuing to grow. Fully present. Deeply alive.

Each tree – unique, strong, aware of its own inner beauty. Peace. Perfectly balanced. Connected to earth, heavens. Sunlight shining, lit up from that light.

Already connecting with tree. Tall, sturdy. Leaves dancing and free. Pure and clear. And as we inhale, inhaling all that tree space, peace and connectedness. And exhaling. Tree. And then once again, inhaling, tree, wisdom, nourishment, light, deeply grounded. And exhaling, tree. And then one more inhale, tree. Nourished roots growing, nourish from the sun, light, and from the ground below. And exhale, tree. And then holding that image of tree, again scanning mind and body, allowing all that tree healing connection, space and peace to take effect. It’s all just happening. Then slowly coming back up into body, back into the space where refreshed and renewed, take a deep breath in. As you exhale, eyes open, and you’re back in this space.

© 2015 Lindy Ariff

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2 responses to “Tree Meditation for Inner Peace”

  1. I remember the tall oak trees in my parents backyard where Dad strung up his canvas hammock, my friends and I played baseball and, raked up piles of leaves every fall. Oh, and the woodpeckers that would wake us up on a bright and sunny summer morning….

  2. I learned about roots of fungi in symbiotic relationships with trees where they help to transfer nutrients among multiple trees. If one tree is sick or lacking nutrients, the other trees with send some of their nutrients via mycelium (root structure of fungi) to the sick tree to keep it alive! Like the movie “avatar” but actually happening. Tree intelligence is strong and we are just getting to know about it.