Do you ever wonder why we feel connected and at home in nature?  Why some of our favorite memories often take place in the outdoor world?

There have been countless moments where you felt peace, excitement, and belonging in a beautiful sunset, or looking out at the ocean watching the sunlight sparkle on her waters, or from taking a deep, full breath of cool air from the edge of a mountain top.

We explored these wonderful connections in my Inner Peace group this week.  We also discussed what we love about being outside.

We identified the feelings of solitude, peace, and calmness.  We discussed feeling grounded and connected to a higher power when we spend time in nature, to our true essence.  We discussed feelings of awe of the majesty of mountains and wonder and connection in beautiful spaces.

One participant reminisced about a snow tunnel she experienced as a child, how experiencing something so fragile, yet so beautiful, always reminds her to respect the balance of the natural world.  Another talked about the smell of the fresh mountain air serving as a reminder of feeling alive, and whenever they have felt sadness when they like to spend time in this space where they feel connected and uplifted.

Another shared about a special moment when he climbed to the top of a 100 foot redwood and while he was holding onto the highest branches, a large gust of wind picked up and the ancient tree begin to sway.  He spoke about surrendering to nature and swaying in perfect unison and balance.

Others shared special moments they have experienced while hiking, fishing, camping, looking up at the night sky over the ocean and feeling so small, yet so connected in the same moment.=

In a recent article titled 10 Reasons Why You Feel So Good in Nature, Kris Abrams, a nature based psychotherapist shares that we love nature because we evolved from nature, it is a part of our DNA, a part of our soul.  She shares that nature teaches us that we are beautiful and diverse, we surrender control, connect with the divine, and we reconnect and sense our inner selves in those extraordinary moments that we are in the natural world.

A big thank you to everyone in our group for sharing your special moments.  Here is the Live Group Meditation:

© 2015 Lindy Ariff

I would love to hear about moments that you connected to nature, and what are some of your favorite aspects of being outside.  Share Below!