“Lindy is a truly special human being. Her intuition and expertise allows her to adapt to any situation, and she radiates a unique energy that creates a beautiful atmosphere for profound healing. I am forever thankful to her. She has helped me move past my childhood sexual trauma, reclaim my confidence, and has given me the tools and courage to pursue my dreams.”

– Sexual Abuse Survivor and Opera Singer, Los Angeles

“Throughout my journey of recovery, Lindy was one of the only people I have felt truly understood me. I had always felt that I couldn’t explain the crazy tape that was playing in my head until I met her. My favorite quality of Lindy is that I could tell that she genuinely cares about my well-being. She got in between me and my bad thoughts, pointed me the direction of reality and enabled me to start seeing the bigger picture. Lindy’s guidance was a crucial part in helping me become a person who doesn’t live their life in fear anymore. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

– Recovering Alcoholic, Michigan

“Lindy is special.  I have seen countless healers in my life I evaluate my experience with them simply on how I felt while being in their presence.  Her compassion and concern for me seemed endless and I knew immediately that I was safe, which is very important to me.  Her intention to help and heal me was evident, focused, loving and smart.  Visiting with her has changed my Saturdays into something different, gentler and more accepting of myself and others.  Even though I know she has learned her myriad techniques through years of study and practice I firmly believe that she was born to help others.  Thank you, Lindy.”

-Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Portland

“Lindy rocks! Her quiet demeanor put me right at ease during our sessions and her command of the healing process is impressive. During our sessions she journeyed me toward a profound breakthrough that continued to blossom months later, leading to me finally being able to forgive the man who harmed me… after 7 years of prior concentrated effort. Having a safe space to talk about what happened and heal the pain is so vital and so hard to find. Lindy has a sensitivity, knowingness and suite of tools I’ve not seen in other more ‘general’ practitioners. I’m very grateful. Thank you Lindy!!”

– Sexual Trauma Survivor & Writer, Portland

“Lindy has an amazing ability to connect with her clients and establish meaningful therapeutic relationships.  Her approach to therapy is playful, creative, wise, compassionate and instinctive. I have been inspired time and time again by Lindy’s commitment to helping her clients to clear trauma in a remarkably short period of time.  Lindy skillfully creates an environment that is both safe and authentic.  I am truly honored to have Lindy as a trusted colleague and consultant and will continue to refer clients to her without hesitation.”

– Psychologist, Los Angeles

“Lindy thank you so much for the meditation yesterday, what you said, the words you used, really touched my heart in a really deep way, I felt relaxed in a way I hadn’t in a really long time, thank you.”

– Recovering Addict, Los Angeles

“One of the things that I loved most about my work with Lindy was the inner child work we did together, it gave me a better understanding of who I am and gave myself a better understanding of what I’ve survived in my life.  It gave me a greater awareness of my own ability to shift my perceptions around men and helped me to recognize that I don’t want those types of men in my life anymore.  I now know that I am worthy of more in my life and relationships.  The last few months with you was more transformational than the work that I’ve done with any other therapist- ever.  And while life isn’t perfect, I know that i can sit through the raw feelings of uncomfortableness and pain and not use drugs and be okay.  Thank you so much for everything.”

– Recovering Addict, Los Angeles

“I sought help from Lindy as I had struggled with sexual intimacy with my husband of 36 years.  I believe my struggle was due to sexual trauma experienced with my first boyfriend when I was 17.  Lindy’s warmth and encouragement provided me a safe environment in which I could process the trauma using RRT Therapy.  The experience was actually fun as I visually walked through the event, revisiting it in a very different way.  RRT Therapy does not let one forget, but allows one to have a different experience while changing the emotion attached to the trauma.  I can honestly say that when I think about the event, I have the feelings of indifference about it.  I strongly suggest that anyone who has experienced a sexual trauma should trust Lindy to help them resolve it.”

– Sexual Abuse Survivor & Psychotherapist, Los Angeles

“When I started seeing Lindy, I immediately felt as though I was in a safe, supportive environment with somebody who is smart, authentic, non judgmental, and just gets it. The trauma work allowed me to access certain sides of myself that I didn’t have access to before, and I now understand myself better. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to  move forward in my life.”

– Veteran, Los Angeles

“I was very fortunate to have Lindy’s help during a difficult period in my life.   Her insight into hypnotherapy, coupled with her rare compassion contributed greatly to the enhancement of my spirit.  Lindy would be a true asset to anyone looking to improve the quality of their life.” 

– Sports Coach, Los Angeles

“Before I met Lindy my anxiety was overwhelming.  The negative thoughts in my head were spinning so fast that simple tasks were difficult.  I abused alcohol to try to cope, very unsuccessfully.  But Lindy’s unique approach combining traditional therapy and hypnotherapy gave me a clarity, a focus, and most importantly an inner peace that I couldn’t imagine was possible.  This peace allowed us to discover together, then address the situations of my past that resulted in that anxiety.  I would not be where I am in physical or mental health without the genuine compassion and skills of Lindy.”

– Addiction Technician, Malibu, CA

“Lindy’s tender, compassionate approach toward therapy was instrumental in my road to recovery. Together we were able to get to the source of some serious shame and guilt-causing occurrences in my past. We used several methods to lessen the impact of these traumatic events. When I look back on these traumas now, I feel as though I am no longer defined by them. The goal was not to forget them entirely – they are still there – but they no longer hold such crippling weight. I feel a newfound sense of freedom to go on with my life without resorting to the self destructive behaviors once inspired by these negative experiences. I am truly thankful for Lindy because she taught me how to forgive myself and others, as well as use meditation to increase my sense of calm and well-being. Additionally, her ability to shift the negative belief systems I had about myself was life-changing. I now have the tools to be a lot easier on myself and to find peace within instead of externally. What a freedom that is!”

– Actor, Los Angeles

“When I sought out Lindy’s guidance I was mainly seeking clarity, peace of mind and forgiveness and she helped me move toward all three in the six weeks we worked together. She is extremely knowledgeable in her specialty areas (and others!) and she made me feel like we were actually working toward something by keeping us on a loose agenda with check-ins and goals. The conversation was always free-flowing and I never felt intimidated. She made me start to feel rock solid and for that I will forever thank her!”

– PR Manager, New York

“With Lindy’s gentle guidance, I have realized that those memories that had so much power over my life- can’t hurt me, don’t control me, and can’t stop me from moving on with my life. Those bad memories have faded, and a more confident me has formed.  People see a change in me and I feel a change in myself.  She helped me move forward to a happier and brighter me. I just want to thank Lindy for all she has done for me.”

– Sexual Abuse Survivor & Massage Therapist, Portland

“I don’t even know how to thank you. A memory I have been trying to annihilate with drugs over the past year, you cleared in a single session. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s been a month and I haven’t thought about it since. Thank you, Lindy!”

– Musician,  Portland

“Lindy and I worked together over several months and upon our first introduction I was instantly put at ease by her gentle and almost angelic demeanor.  I am particularly a fan of  her energy work which left me feeling at peace and in tune every time.  Lindy definitely has a natural healing energy complimented by the knowledge she has acquired.  I am thankful to have met her.”

– Holistic Chef, Malibu, CA

“I feel so different today! Clear, light, present. I feel like a heaviness that was residing in me lifted. I am truly blown away and can’t stop telling everyone I care for about my experience. Lindy has the determination, intelligence, experience and compassion to touch each person she works with. Just after a few minutes of talking to her, you can tell her intention is to share her gift with you and improve your quality of life. I am so lucky to have crossed paths with her.”

– Mental Health Professional,  Los Angeles

“I have immense gratitude for my recent healing touch session with Lindy.  Lindy’s beautiful work environment and warm, gentle manner allowed me to feel immediately relaxed and at ease.  As I anticipated, the session was soothing and rejuvenating.  However, I did not expect my physical body to experience such a dramatic adjustment toward comfort and balance.  I had felt pain in my lower back for months, and after a single session with Lindy, my back ceased to bother me.  I would highly recommend Lindy’s healing touch sessions to anyone experiencing physical, psychological, or spiritual imbalance.”

– Psychologist, Portland

“I thought about you yesterday and how gracious and hard working you are. I never got the opportunity to articulate my gratitude to you for being such an empathetic, powerful, & beautiful soul. You recognized & acknowledged me at a very difficult time in my life. I am forever I thankful for those small experiences that meant the world to me. Hope all is well & that you’re continuing to strengthen your purpose on Earth. You are a natural healer & I am blessed to have met you.”

– Case Manager, Los Angeles

“Lindy came into my life when I needed her most. I had been through a decade of what felt like nonstop trauma. I was finally pulling myself out of it all, but I still felt constantly haunted by those events. I was having trouble finding the right therapist and then someone recommended Lindy. Her methods are beyond incredible. She was able to help me rewire traumatic memories in order to let me move forward. I have a high stress job and literally could not afford to let this trauma take up any more space in my brain. To her credit, after 4 months of weekly sessions, I can say with confidence that I am no longer debilitated by my past. I no longer break into crying sessions mid-commute. I do not have nearly as many nightmares. I feel safe in public spaces. I am forever grateful for the time I had working with Lindy. She gave me my life back.”

– Creative Manager, Portland