Several months ago I was wandering back from writing in the woods and I heard a crow’s call overhead. As I continued through the city streets I continued to hear the same crow following me as I went along.  I paused for a moment in the sunshine, and silently asked the crow if he was speaking to me, if he had a message.  I told him that if he was a sign for me to notice and listen to, to please follow me twice more and I will respect and be grateful for his message.  Twice more he followed me, crowing above my head, moving from gray electric wires to tall oak trees.  Clearly there was a message and I thanked him.

Crow is the perfect symbol of mysticism and change.  He appears with an offering, the opportunity to speak your truth and align with who you truly are. He offers insight, wisdom, and space for you to discover that space within you.

The gift manifested itself the following day in a conversation with a mentor in the community.  I was describing my challenges of combining energy work with counseling and how it felt so scary being on the “fringe” of my field.  She responded with a story of her friend with a similar conundrum, who recently reached the ripe age of 70, never truly having a foot in either side of her work for fear that doing what she loved would be frowned upon by her colleagues.

The crow’s message came loud and clear.

Just speak your truth, Lindy. You don’t want to be 70 and still not living the life you were meant to live. Because your’e the one with this beautiful opportunity to provide healing, authentic and real healing to the world and if you choose to live in fear, then you will be 70 years wise and looking back  on a career that you never truly stepped into. One foot in traditional counseling, one foot in the energy world.

When I used to travel the world by myself I was scared a lot of the time.  I was scared when I first zip lined in Costa Rica, I was scared when I camped down the coast in Mexico, I was scared to hike Machu Picchu. But I still did it. I would ask myself: would I regret it more if I looked back and didn’t have those experiences.