Embracing Curiosity

Yesterday I started anew here in Oregon, it was my first day of work at a new job. I felt the familiar tingle of fear of the unknown, which honestly looked like a hundred outfits thrown all over my floor. Starting a new job is messy, we are met with a thousand different, contradicting, and oftentimes uncomfortable emotions.

Thoughts bouncing around…“Will I like the job? Is it worth the drive?  Will my coworkers be nice? Are people going to like me? Am I good enough for this opportunity? Is it an opportunity?”

The truth is that any new experience is an opportunity for self growth and whether it’s a perfect fit or not, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and the world around you.  And hopefully pick up some career skills along the way.

So yesterday while I was sitting in orientation it occurred to me that moving beyond the natural excitement and anxiety that comes with starting something new, was a softer, truer feeling of curiosity.

I am curious about my new coworkers, my new boss, and what this new chapter of my life will hold.  I am curious about how I will fit in with this new company and its culture.  I am curious about what I will learn and gain from my experience.  And I am curious about the clients who I will be blessed to meet along the way.

Embracing that curiosity feels a lot better to me than embracing the fear.  This doesn’t mean that the fear doesn’t still exist and everything is sunshine and butterflies.  It just means that I’m choosing to intentionally focus my mind and reframe my thoughts into a space for curiosity to bloom.

So today I offer you space for curiosity and of course, sunshine.



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