Transform Your Self Talk through Mindfulness & Emotional Self Care

By | December 27th, 2017|Connection, Mind, Mindfulness, Recovery|

A beautiful outcome of mindfulness meditation is the opportunity to slow down and explore our relationship with our minds.  We meditate to understand the stories [...]

Embodying Fearlessness

By | April 17th, 2017|Connection, Healing, Recovery, Spirituality|

The beauty of my job as a clinician  is that I am constantly inspired and surrounded by the most fearless people in the world. I [...]

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A Guide to Cultivating Self Care

By | October 7th, 2016|Connection, Healing, Recovery, Spirituality|

With all of the hustle, bustle, and newness of moving, I recently realized that I hadn’t made space in my life to create a self care [...]

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Embracing Curiosity

By | June 7th, 2016|Connection, LindyAriff, Mind|

Yesterday I started anew here in Oregon, it was my first day of work at a new job. I felt the familiar tingle of fear [...]

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The 5 Love Languages

By | May 28th, 2016|Connection, Spirituality|

What I love about the 5 love languages is that they offer us an opportunity to deepen our awareness of how we perceive and show [...]

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Interviewing with Confidence

By | February 16th, 2016|Connection, Mind|

Interviewing has been a popular topic in my life lately as I transition to life in Portland.  New city means looking for a new part [...]

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Exploring Beauty

By | February 4th, 2016|Connection, Spirituality|

John O’donahue, the late Irish poet and philosopher, weaves beauty and spirituality in a way that is magnificent.  He shares: “The beauty that emerges from [...]

My Favorite TED Talks

By | January 23rd, 2016|Connection, Happiness, Healing, Recovery, Spirituality|

It’s no secret, I love TED talks.  Anyone who has ever worked with, or known me for that matter, knows that I am constantly recommending [...]

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Deep Listening

By | November 4th, 2015|Connection, Recovery, Spirituality|

While I was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway on my way to work today, I was listening to an interview on my favorite Podcast [...]

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Sympathy vs. Empathy

By | March 19th, 2015|Connection, Recovery|

Today in my Inner Peace group we talked about vulnerability, which ultimately led us to a discussion about sympathy versus empathy. Everyone literally cringed at [...]

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