Healing Cloud Meditation

Cloud is the perfect symbol of lightness, hope, and transformation. My clients often use this symbol in our work together.

I am delighted to share a below a beautiful Cloud Healing Meditation I recently created with a Client.

Healing Cloud Meditation

Let’s take another deep breathe in and exhale, and then another deep breathe in. This time as you exhale, returning to that secret space – healing cloud, noticing the light moving perfectly around you and everything is just happening. The beauty in the world, perhaps little bits of orange, soft light, peaceful, light floating, and flowing – everything happening perfectly. Soft – the way that you took this moment of clarity, pulling every signing from you within – healing cloud.

As you inhale this beautiful space of wisdom, clarity, peace, light – perfectly balanced. Feeling that energy moving in through your entire being and as we connect very deeply in this space. You feel the energy flowing on top of head – cloud healing, white, beauty, grace, and all that wisdom. Clarity and peace pulling in through top of head and moving all the way down. The face softening, jaw softens, perhaps even aware of weight of tongue as everything drops and melts down. Throat opens and that soft, gentle energy moves all the way down. Shoulders soften, aware of weight of arm, palms warm.

As that healing cloud, heart center, light, beams perfectly balanced, whole beautiful energy is all happening at your very center. As you become more aware of this, more connected to this space flowing from within that energy literally flowing like a river through your entire being. In the belly, healing, back body. As it moves to the hips, knees and goes heavy, and that energy shine through every single toe.

That special moment where everything just aligns – healing clouds beautiful floating, peaceful floating. Everything falling all around you and it’s all just happening from within. Then allowing yourself the space to absorb all this energy for healing transformation. Then slowly, even more slowly, becoming even more slow as you move back up. Taking your time and then you know you passed. When you’re ready coming back up into this physical world a refreshed and renewed, and deeply connected to this healing space.

Cloud Meditation © 2015 Lindy Ariff