This simple act of connecting with another human being, no matter how small, raises your happiness levels.

During our caveman days, our ancestors needed family and community in order to survive the challenges of day to day life.  They ate together, hunted together, they even cuddled up in order to stay warm at night.

Other cultures understand this concept.  There are places in Asia where children don’t snack because it’s literally unheard of to eat alone.  For them, meal time is a time to connect with one another.

We are hardwired to need each other.  The need for community and survival is a part of the very fabric of our being.  Shared experiences bring us a heightened sense of joy and happiness.

I’ve learned a lot about human connection and loneliness in the years that I’ve lived in Los Angeles.  Many Los Angelenos live in a world where it’s not uncommon for strangers not make eye contact or say hello, rarely does anyone hold the door open for you, and sometimes I feel that if you actually try talking to a stranger on the street, they’d think you were crazy.

The other day in yoga class, the lady sitting next to me actually smiled at me and said hello.  And we chatted a bit.  And it felt really nice to connect with someone in the community.  In a kind of ahah moment, I realized that we’ve got to be the ones to put ourselves out there and make connection happen.  Not all the time, but sometimes we must push ourselves to to put ourselves out there in the world and connect with those around us.  Say hello to someone new, make someone smile.  Make connection happen.

With Love,


P.S. I’m so excited to share this amazing video with you about friendship and human connection.  It’s about putting ourselves out there in the world and just being you. I hope you enjoy!