Mountain: Weathering the Storm

Since late in the evening on November 8th I have felt stunned into silence, I struggle to find the words to express the sadness that I feel within and around me.  

The feeling of overwhelm and sadness feels hauntingly similar to depression- but this time it’s not just mine.  This time it’s a symptom of a my nation. It permeates through everything.

Personal political views aside, no single person can deny the amount of fear that has been stirred up in the wake of this political storm. Most, if not all, are uncertain of these times and of what will come.

It seems that the ripples of hate have been hidden deep within the underbelly of America.  No longer can I, can we, ignore that this a huge problem for our nation.

Hate and fear are now out in the open and sitting on a pedestal for all to see. 

The beauty of being out in the open is that darkness cannot live in the light.  And it is our job to shine our light through kindness and love.

This speaks true of our own inner struggles with fear, self doubt, and anger.  And while it’s so easy to tell ourselves to just lock away and stuff tough emotions and feelings within ourselves, the truth is that it will bubble up- it’s like trying to hold a balloon under water, a beachball under the sea. 

I invite all of us, myself included, to be brave and look at the dark emotions within ourselves.  To ask ourselves: What can I heal to become a more loving, calm, and peaceful soul? What blocks can I remove within me so that I can spread my love and light into a world that desperately needs it? In what ways can I give back and serve my own community?

Today I offer you a mountain blessing and meditation to help light your way. Mountain is fully aware that she can weather any storm that passes around her.  She is powerfully still, strong, gentle, fully aware of her own power.  She is deeply rooted to the ground below, for the earth rises on her gentle slopes. She is fully connected to heavens above as she reaches into the sky so she can understand in all her wisdom the fierce clouds, gentle rains, and the beauty of her rainbows.

For Portlandians, Mt. Hood is a mountain that represents clarity and joy.  When we can see her white, snowy peaks rising above the city, we know that the weather has cleared and it seems impossible not to stop and admire her strength and beauty.  She represents a moment of clarity and peace, stillness and strength. 

I invite you to pause from all of the intensity of the day, take a moment for you, visualize your own mountains standing tall, fully aware she can weather any storm, and inhale deeply.  

Grateful to share with you a recent meditation  created in honor of this great mountain:

Let’s take another deep inhale. And then inhaling Mount Hood. And as you connect to that space, noticing mountain standing tall, sturdy, lit up with that joyful dance of pinks and purples moving across the sky. The air crisp, clear, fresh, and alive. Thinking all that magic enjoying it all the way through you. As you notice Mount Hood, mountain lit up and absolutely perfect. And as we inhale that peace, joy, and excitement we imagine what it’s like to be that mountain. Sturdy, tall, strong, graceful, and elegant. Fully aware of her own power. Noticing that as clouds may come and go, she stands powerful and strong, lit up with pinks and purples, welcoming the night sky. And feeling that warm energy moving through your entire body. Starting at top of head like a warm, white river. Forehead softens. Corners of eyes, cheekbones, ears, tip of nose. Allowing the jaw to soften and release. Noticing the back of the neck allowing back body to soften, fully supported. Aware of weight of arms. As that energy moves, shifts, and transforms, you’re at your center. Mt. Hood, mountain, strong, peaceful, excitement, joy. Absolutely perfect. You’re feeling that energy flow through your center – hips, legs. Aware of weight of ankles. Each foot grounded, rooted, perfectly balanced mountain. And scanning body once more, I’m allowing anywhere to soften just a bit more. And then once more inhaling mountain, Mt. Hood, all that magic, beauty, and grace. And fully connected with this space, so all you have to do is think mountain and breath will slow, and mind will remember. So you know your body best, so when you’re ready – and only when you’re ready – come back here

Wishing you peace, comfort, hope, and well-being,


Photo credit: Benjamin Ariff