Orion Meditation

I remember many nights in my childhood looking up at the sky, mesmerized by the beauty above me and always comforted to recognize Orion’s constellation of stars, strong, bold and powerful protecting the sky.  I still find comfort and warmth when I look overhead and see his twinkling lights.

I have often though of this meditation that I created in May of 2014- a special place in the snow dusted woods, smell of pine and juniper, fresh air filling our bodies, renewing our being.

As this meditation moves directly into this sacred space, without a gentle introduction of settling in and arriving within, I invite you to sit for a few moments with eyes closed, and taking a few deep breaths allowing yourself to fully arrive in this moment.  Inhale. Exhale.  Notice the sensation of breath, exhaling that which is no longer needed, and inhaling inspiration and light.

Lets take a deep breath in and exhale. And then one more deep breath in, and this time as you exhale, already in mind’s eye seeing Orion. Noticing that lake, still and peaceful. So still that you’re able to see stars reflecting like glass in the lake. Noticing fresh snow, fresh and renewed surrounding lake. Bright moonlight illuminating everything. Seeing the perfect tree line. Night crystal clear. Stars beautifully balanced, graceful in sky. Stars always constant, and always transforming, and shining light into the world. Night sky absolutely magnificent. As you look into the sky, mind focuses and sees clearly Orion. Orion, always there even on the brightest night. Orion is a hunter. Orion, strong and powerful, connected to night sky. Always there. As you take in the entire space, that clear, peace focus, balanced. The wisdom of stars, ancient, strong. Bringing all that energy, all that peace, excitement, wisdom. Bringing energy in the forehead and all the way down and in. Energy expanding like the night sky, moving down in body, absorbing light.

Mind organizing towards what we’ve intended with Orion. Whenever you want to feel as clear, peace, focus, balance, wisdom, light, all you have to do is think of Orion and breathless of energy expand. Healing take place. I’m going to count from one up to five. One – exciting and curious to know how connection with Orion play out in your life. Two – refreshed, renewed, snow. Three – wisdom, clarity, peace, stars. Four – still, peace, lake. All the way up to five. And when you’re ready, deep breath in and eyes can open and you’re back here with me.


© 2015 Lindy Ariff