Celebrating Tulips

On occasion I have the opportunity to visit one of the many incredible places and spaces a client has described during a meditation.  It is surreal to visit a place that I have connected so deeply with during the trance process, a place that I have visited together within our hearts and minds.  

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit in Tulip farm in the Pacific Northwest.  As I wandered along the tulip fields, listening to children laughing and playing, rows and rows of joyful tulips seemingly meeting the majestic mountains in the distance, I suddenly remembered a meditation created several years ago.  I stood in awe, remembering the words, absolutely blown away that I somehow found myself in the seemingly same field that my client had described.  And while I don’t know exactly which tulip field she was referring to the day we created the tulip meditation, I am grateful to share it with you today.

Tulip Fields Meditation
So let’s take a deep breath in. And exhale. And then one more deep breath in. This time as you exhale, already noticing tulip fields. Noticing fields after fields of tulips. Colors, vibrant, air crisp and cool. Noticing the smell of kettle-corn mixed with the smell of fresh dirt in springtime. The elm leaves. Children playing.

White picket fence. Sun shining, warming body. Notice this field absolutely magnificent. Snow-capped mountains in the distance. Sky, space, blue. Clear day, sun shining bright. Energizing, body. As you feel warmth from sun.

Energizing and moving through body, starting in the forehead moving all the way down. Eyes relaxed, heavy perhaps. Jaw, loose. Falling gently. Warm energy expanding down, moving through shoulders, heavy. Weight of arms. Perhaps palms warm or tingling. The energy moves down and in. Light, bright, clear. Energy moving down through body. Expanding, healing.

Energy moving in and down expanding at center, or at your center. You are a light. Peace, wisdom, clarity, strength, power, source from within. Whenever you want to feel at peace, calm, all you have to do is think of tulip field. And breath will slow and mind will remember what we talked about today. So when you’re ready and only when you’re ready, take a deep breath in and come back here.

© Lindy Ariff 2016