A mantra is the embodiment of a vibrational sound of the universe.  Mantra meditation is great if you are an auditory mediator, if you can best focus yourself by listening to music or focusing on a specific set of words or sounds.

It’s said that the ancient Vedic sages of India were able to  hear the vibrational energies of nature and the earth.  They created specific mantras to use during meditation in order to deepen our connection with the universe.

Hamsa is a powerful Mantra for peace and connection.  In Sanskrit, the spiritual language of ancient India, Hamsa means “I am that” which also means: I am connected to the divine, the divine and I are one.

Hamsa is also speaks the language of the subconscious mind through its connection to a symbol.  Hamsa means White Swan, the ancient symbol of grace, beauty, and purity. 

When we recite Hamsa with our breath, we are literally cleansing our entire being.  We can imagine a White Swan gracefully freeing our spirit, cleansing our entire being.

The Hamsa mantra can be orchestrated into our meditation practice much like the way we practice mindfulness meditation.  The subtle difference is that instead of lightly focusing on solely our breath to connect us to the present moment, we synchronize the mantra to our breath.

We silently inhale Ham (with the ‘a’ pronounced like the ‘u’ in hum) and exhale sa (the ‘a’ sounding like a sigh of release).

In repeating this Mantra, we provide our minds an activity to focus on that connects us to the vibration of the universe, and give ourselves the opportunity for space to delve deeper into spiritual connection.

When we notice that our minds have wandered, with gentle loving kindness we bring ourselves back to Hamsa, the White Swan, with each inhale purifying our spirits and each exhale creating graceful connection to the divine.


Tonight in my Inner Peace Group we focused on the use of Mantras to deepen our meditation practice and spiritual connection to our higher powers:


Hamsa Mantra Meditation:

Let’s all get comfortable, and take a deep breath in, and as you inhale eyes gently rest closed, and exhale. Then inhaling through the nose and exhaling, sighing it all out the mouth. Then inhaling again through the nose. A little bit more deeply this time, pausing at the top and then exhale, sighing it out releasing. Inhaling through the nose and exhale, release. Beginning to turn our awareness inward; really beginning to observe what’s happening in your inner world. Noticing what’s happening in the mind at this moment, and then on the exhale, releasing that. Then for a moment, bring awareness to our emotions. Just checking in and observing what you’re bringing into this space at this moment.

Then as you notice that, on the exhale releasing. Then beginning from the top of our head and moving all the way down, scanning body, noticing any place, space; observing, releasing. Starting at the top of the head moving down like the warm light.

Jaw, weight of tongue. As you observe breath moving down, light moving down. Shoulders, weight of arms, hands tingle, as we observe, move, glide through body. Center, hips, knees, weight of ankles, all the way down, where every toe connected to the earth below. Observing how the breath moves in through the body and travels down through the spine: healing, cleansing, expanding.

On the next inhale, perhaps noticing as the breath moves up from the spine, and exhale releasing. Beginning to focus on the belly, noticing as you inhale, belly rises, expands, fills, and on the exhale melting in and down. Inhale, belly rises, expands creating even more space and openness, and exhale melting in, softening down. Inhale, belly rises expands, opens; exhale moving in and down. Then beginning to turn awareness to breath again. On the inhale hum, and on the exhale sah. Silently coordinating inhale and exhale.

With gentleness, noticing if mind has wandered, and bringing it back. Inhaling hum and exhaling sah. Repeating hum, sah.

Then again in returning awareness the breath, to the mantra.

Then again, beginning to scan the body starting from the toes this time and working our way up, through body. Just observing space created. Allowing all that healing to take effect. Observing mind, body, and exhaling release. Then slowly bring awareness back into body, into this space. You’re even more slowly, you begin to move and awaken. Then taking a deep breath in, eyes can open, and you’re back here.

Hamsa Mantra Meditation © 2015 Lindy Ariff