High Mountain Lake

If you have ever had the opportunity to visit a high mountain lake, you already know that it is a very special place.  These lakes are nestled high in the mountains, surrounded by rocks, trees, blue skies, and the smell of minerals, earth, and fresh air.  The water is fresh and pure, crystal clear.  There’s so much divine beauty in these special places, time almost stands still, and the lake’s gift often keeps with us long after we return to our day to day life.

In a recent counseling session, a client of mine chose High Mountain Lake as his symbol for healing.  He chose the perfect symbol for his body and mind to heal, embodying his own strength, wisdom, clarity, and peace.  Symbols are a powerful tool for healing and offer a gateway through the subconscious mind and into a deeper, wiser, sense of our self.  They can remind us of our divine purpose in the world, and offer strength, hope, and healing.

As with any meditation, I always recommend being mindful to carve out some space and time during your day to take a few deep breaths, take a moment to get comfortable, maybe light a candle or burn an incense, and allow your mind to imagine and connect with high mountain lake.

I have experienced many special moments at these sacred lakes throughout my life.  In 2013 I witnessed a beautiful, graceful, sacred alpine lake up in the High Sierras of California.  A lake surrounded by the oldest rocks in the Sierras. In this space I sat, meditated, and journaled for hours, creating this poem that I am grateful to share with you today.

Gentle and Divine
Expanding Life energy
with nourishment, love
Her beauty

Powerful Mountains
Connected at her shore
Soothing, balanced
Aware and Alive

Bold, Sturdy
Powerful Cliffs
Woven Together
glinting sun rays
beaming into body.
Ancient as time and Earth

In this Space
Fully Aware
of interconnectedness
Beauty, Peace
between earth and heavens

Sun Light Warming Skin
Energy Vibrating Alive
from Within You

Aware of your Light Shining Within
Expanding Out Into the World
Fresh, Pure, Sacred.

© Lindy Ariff 2013

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