Hawk Meditation

What I love about the symbol Hawk is that he is a perfect balance of bold and powerful, yet peaceful and flowing free.  Hawk can see everything crystal clear from above- Hawk has a keen perspective on life, able to soar above and beyond what is happening below him.  Hawk is fully aware of his own power, agility, and grace. Hawk rides a higher power called wind, spiritual, and free.

Hawk is the perfect symbol for recovery, providing peace and strength along your journey. 

Take a moment to take a few deep breaths, breathing in inspiration and light, and out what is no longer needed.  Visualize hawk, notice the spread of his wings, the way the sky looks around him, the feel of the wind flowing over your body. 

Hawk Meditation

All right. Let’s take a deep breath in, and exhale releasing. And then another deep inhale, and exhale letting it all go. And then one more deep inhale, and releasing. And this time, as you inhale, mind already seeing hawk. Hawk, eyes focused, purposeful, in charge, powerful but totally riding this higher power wind. Strategic, flowing, riding the air. Observing what’s around him. A noticing hawk, and a perfect expanse of a perfectly blue sky. Feeling the air beneath your body. Smell fresh, clean, powerful, calm. Fully ground and free. Powerful, yet mellow and peaceful.

Feeling warmth, sunlight, warming body, moving all the way through you. Hawk scanning, fully aware of his power. And as we inhale hawk, we feel that sunlight, warmth, powerful, patient, fully aware, calm, peace, alert, strategic feeling moving all the way in. Wisdom of hawk. Hawk fully aware of his journey. Inhale hawk, and exhale moving down. And as you connect even more deeply with hawk, feeling that warm light moving in through top of head and cleansing, healing, updating. Moving down, aware of muscles of face. Soften, jaw softens.  Aware of weight of tongue as that energy cascades, flows, flowing through you. Shoulders warm, maybe even tingle as that energy expands.

Aware of weight of arms, palms, warm, tingles as that energy is drawn in, down, vibrating, moving, expanding as you become even more aware of our center, hawk, who we truly are. Peace, powerful, expansive, mellow, free. Fully alert, and strategic, focused, free, light. And as we become even more aware of that wisdom, clarity, and peace, all flowing from our center, from deep within, for what we’re becoming more aware of when we think of hawk as who we truly are. Feeling that energy move down, expand out through the belly, hips, knees. Aware of weight of ankles, as that energy flows through each and every toe.

As we move and connect even more deeply with this expansiveness, knowing that in this moment mind is updating, organizing, towards the wisdom, clarity, and peace of hawk.

Now, slowly, for you know you best, knowing the hawk is within you, always fully connected. Counting from one up to five. One hawk, clarity, peace, and wisdom. Coming up to two, mind organizing, healing, clearing, fully updated. Up to three, calm, alert, and strategic. Four, refresh and renew until finally, up to five, and you know your body best. When you’re ready and only when you’re ready, coming back up and back here in this physical world.

© Lindy Ariff