So happy to share this beautiful space with you! The Malibu Bluffs are a very special place.  When you wind down a side path you find your way to a beautiful view of the ocean.  Looking to the right and the left you can see the coast all the way from the South Bay, Santa Monica, to Malibu and Point Dume, it’s extraordinary.

So, take a moment to put your phone on silent, dim the lights, maybe light a candle, and find a comfortable seated position.

Click play and visit the Malibu Bluffs. I would love to hear your thoughts on this special place and your experience with this space.


The Malibu Bluffs Meditation:

All right, take a deep breath in, and exhale. Then one more deep breath in, and this time as you exhale, eyes close. Already noticing path. Moving forward, pass the baseball fields. Walking down path as the grass becomes natural and free. Noticing as you walk down your path, everything becoming even more beautiful. Seeing your perfect spot, your perfect place, you sit down on that picnic table, and take it all in. The beautiful view of the ocean, water, still, calm. Sky, perfect, spacious, not a cloud in the sky. Dirt below you. The mountains covered in green. Grass, yellow, brown, green, all around you. Water, still. Noticing sun, warming body, heat on arms, gentle wind touching your cheek.

Perhaps the coolness in the air, and the taste of salt water on your tongue. But mainly noticing the warmth of the sun energy, that light, warming body. You take in all that beauty around you and as you notice that warmth of that sun, that energy moving in and down through your body. Starting on your forehead, warm energy, sun, light, clear, moving in and down. Shoulders warmed by sun, heat on arms, perhaps noticing weight of arms, palms warm. That energy moves all the way in and through your body. Peace, energy, balance, clarity, light, and whenever you want to feel  clear, calm, peaceful, balance, as you did on that day at the bluffs, all you have to do is think bluffs, and breath will slow and mind will remember what we talked about today. So when you’re ready, and only when you’re ready, come back and be here with me.

© 2015 Lindy Ariff