Sunrise Meditation: Celebrating a Fresh New Day

I am truly inspired to share with you this meditation today.  Sunrise meditation was created for a client of mine who is in recovery from alcoholism and suffers from a history of major depression.  So it filled my heart with so much love and joy that he chose sunrise as his symbol and special place in the world.  Sunrise is a very special and spiritual time of the day.  A time when the natural world awakens and we can feel excitement and renewed energy for the new day.

People in recovery often talk about how they used dread this time of the morning, wanting to close themselves off from the world, drawing a curtain of darkness around them.  Today, we often speak of the inspiration and light this moment holds, the dawn of a new day, a day that we are choosing to attend.  

Sunrise Meditation is a perfect healing meditation for anyone who struggles to get out of bed in the morning, it is a celebration of starting a fresh, new day.

As this live recorded meditation moves directly into the symbol without a gentle introduction of breath work, I would recommend sitting for a few moments with eyes closed, and taking a few deep breaths to ground yourself in the moment.  Inhale. Exhale.  Notice the sensation of breath, exhaling that which is no longer needed, and inhaling inspiration and light.

Sunrise Meditation

So let’s take another deep breath in, and exhale, and one more deep breath in, and releasing. And then already beginning to see sunrise, traveling on this path, on your journey, the beauty of dawn, the expansive stars guiding your way. The vibrancy of life all around you, and that special moment where the day begins, and knowing that you are here fully alive in this special moment of peace and excitement to witness this amazing miracle and beauty in life. Noticing the lake, surrounded by the canvas of colors as they melt into each other. The excitement, peace, alive, fully free.

The vibrancy of the colors all around you. The greens, the purples, connection, sharing this with friends, but knowing full well that you  yourself are experiencing this special moment. That moment where you found your way into the ocean. The gentle breeze, the smell of salt water in sea, that amazing beautiful yellow, vibrant, fully alive golden, sacred, signifying starting a new faith, hope, pure light. And at that moment awareness was drawn in and down where you knew that anything was possible. Fully connected to that light within.

And as we connect even more deeply with that space, feeling that warmth, that light, moving down cascading like a waterfall starting at the top of the head feeling sunlight warmth moving in and down.  Forehead softens. Corners of eyes, cheek bones, tip of nose, aware of weight of tongue, jaw softens. Transforming, cascading, moving down, melting, back of neck softens as that energy expands, flows, moves, purifying, healing  every cell in your body. Shoulders, aware of weight of arms, palms tingle.

Awareness at the center of our being as we continue to soften and slow. And as we continue to move down, belly softens, opens. Sunrise, as everything sinks in and down. Laying soften, aware of weight of ankles, connecting even more within.

And then once again finding that awareness of sunrise at the very center of your being. That light shining from within, for it’s at that very center, what you are becoming more aware of is who you truly are. Wisdom, clarity, peace, light, fully alive. Sunrise.

And now counting from one up to five. One, sunrise, clarity, peace. Up to two, mind already knowing, think sunrise. Breath will slow, mind, body, cells, everything healing; creating space, clarity, peace from within. Three, sunrise – golden vibrant fully alive. Up to four, like the starting anew of each new day. And up to five. And you know your body best so when you’re ready, and only when you’re ready, coming back here.

© 2015 Lindy Ariff

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  1. This is exquisite and I love hearing the birds chirping in the background. I will use this and share it with clients as well. You rock, Lindy!