The Power of Healing Touch

I am excited to share with you a powerful healing modality called Healing Touch (HT).  Healing Touch is a heart centered approach to support your own body’s natural ability to heal.  Just like Rapid Resolution Therapy’s belief that the mind has it’s own ability to heal itself, HT works much in the same theory: that our mind-body-spirit has the ability to balance and heal itself with guidance and love.

This also fits perfectly with a continued discussion in my Inner Peace Groups. We have been discussing the body’s relaxation response, our body’s way of rejuvenating and restoring our own system.  The relaxation response works with our parasympathetic system that flows strongly when we’re in a deep relaxation space, it signals the body that we are safe and we can rest and renew.

Healing Touch facilitates this response.  It works with our body’s energy system to move unneeded, extra energy in our systems and clear space for light and peace.  Through balancing and clearing our energy fields, HT promotes a deep state of profound healing.

You can learn more by watching Healing Touch Video HERE.

This past weekend I was truly blessed to share space with an incredible teacher in a warm, supportive environment as I learned Healing Touch basics which included balancing the Chakras, facilitating the body’s natural ability to heal pain, mind clearing, and a whole new modality of trauma clearing.  As you can imagine I am very excited to share the trauma healing modality with all of you!!!!

On a personal note, it was a very healing and inspiring weekend.  I felt energized and light in a way I haven’t experienced in years, it was truly incredible.  Since we were working on and practicing on each other the entire weekend I was able to experience many layers of space being created within.

Not surprisingly symbols and imagery appeared in my mind all throughout the weekend.  During our first energy exercise together in my minds eye I saw the very beginning of a sunrise over the ocean, the hues of pinks and blues barely beginning to show on the horizon.   As the weekend continued and I moved through layers of healing and balancing, my mind revealed to me the same ocean-sun image at various points, starting with the birth of a new day.  By the end of the weekend the sun was shining high in a crystal clear, perfectly blue sky.  Warm, bright, and joyfully, radiating throughout my entire being.



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